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Water cooler? That trope is incredibly dated. Who are you writing for? Retired baby boomers?

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Terrence, I believe the term lives on as a metaphor. The only one who seems perturbed by this is a baby boomer. You did not take exception, I notice, to the term "tent pole." That too works as a metaphor. We have not lived in or around tents for many hundreds of year, but the term remains useful. Thanks.

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Grant, thanks for bringing up this topic. I find today the art of having a conversation with friends/peer group/ family is dying as people prefer to live in their digital bubbles. And here I see differences between cohorts...the younger millennials and GenZ who are digital natives are not adept at having long and meaningful conversations. They may have information on a wide range of subjects but do not have much interest in any of them. so conversations do not last too long. Conversations mostly revolve around their personal stories and less about topics which are of general interest. On the other hand, Gen X and the older can still be seen hovering around the water cooler expecting to engage in long and interesting conversations! This ofcourse is a personal observation and not borne out by any stats!

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